Tutorial: SCOP

SCOP Example

From Genome3D examples:

In CATH, these are in  cath-id:

In SCOP, they're in  scop-id:b.35.1, which merges them with a different, bigger CATH superfamily:  cath-id:

 cath-id: contains, eg, N-terminal domains on:

The SCOP2 domain divisions emphasise this relationship better.

Relevant SCOP/CATH mapping page:  g3d:internal/cathscop/cluster/ (CATH v3.5.0 / SCOP v1.75)

The relationship between the two CATH superfamilies can be seen on this superposition of five  cath-id: domains (black) with five  cath-id: domains (rainbow) [click image for Pymol script] :

(Note: 1lep is SIFT rejected in CATH because it's a CA-only structure  http://www.ebi.ac.uk/pdbe/entry-files/download/pdb1lep.ent )